icon count : 102
canon : ralph breaks the internet
notes : ariel, aurora, belle, cinderella, jasmine, mulan, pocahontas, snow white, and tiana - all of the disney princesses that were originally 2D.

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stock; model - skeleton

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[7] Asuka (WEE)
[7] Andy Samberg/Brooklyn Nine-Nine
[10] Detroit: Become Human

[6] Disney
[25] Final Fantasy XV
[4] Random Game Stock
[12] Gemma Arterton
[12] The League of Gentlemen/Reece Shearsmith
[20] MCU/MCU Males
[9] Persona 5
[1] Star Trek: Discover
[10] Star Wars: The Last Jedi
[2] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[2] Studio Ghibli
[2] Random Occult
[1] Veronica Mars
[3] Emilie Autumn

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Movies: About Time, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone, I Tonya, Pocahontas (Disney), Titanic (1997).
People: Alexis Bledel, Amaia Salamanca, Ana Moliner, Christina Millian, Manuela Velasco, Paula Echevarria, Tom Hardy.
Television: Breaking Bad, Roots (2016), The Thick Of It, Tiempos De Guerra (Morocco: Love In Times Of War).
Stock: Sushi


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